CC2C No 14: Guilded kraft glassine

Challenge: The StudioL3 Compendium of Curiosities volume II Challenge, technique 14

Technique: Guilded kraft glassine, page 39

Sponsor: The Funkie Junkie Boutique

Main products used for this project: Kraft glassine, distress stain, paper stash-kraft resist, alcohol ink and idea-ology chit chat stickers.

Project observations: This technique always results in an amazing finished piece!

We begin with a sheet of strange looking and smelling waxy paper and end up with something that resembles a deep, colorful and shimmering mineral deposit.

This technique even inspired me to finally jump into creating a domino book!

After all, what else is more beautifully matched to our pseudo-mineral deposit paper than a domino marbled with the same alcohol inks you’ve just used on the glassine (thanks to Lynn for confirming that her beautiful dominoes are covered in alcohol ink!)?

Nobody can limit themselves to domino books, though! So, with the leftovers I made a small rosette!

It’s attached to a metal tag (roughly 1 1/2 by 3 1/4 available from this Etsy shop) that I stamped with Tim’s “LOVE, WISH, DREAM” stamp, then used Martha Stewart’s ladybug red to emboss.

For your own information, if you try this red on rusted metal embossing thing: My camera sees it as bright red on dark red … my eyeballs see it as bright, shiny on dark, dull.

It’s cool in person, just not as bright and happy as my Olympus is pretending. My Guy describes it like this: In person it’s leather, not rose petals.

Isn’t that funny? That’s how I could describe him!


11 thoughts on “CC2C No 14: Guilded kraft glassine

  1. What an awesome domino book! Never would have thought of that one! Love how you made the G-paper into panel, so clever you are! I have the same brand camera and sometimes it views colors differently as well! Ha!

  2. The only dominoes I can ever find are titchy ones. Have seen these lovely large ivory ones on other blogs and wondered where they came from. Love, love love your book. Do I spy a bit of Alice in Wonderland there? Hugs Mrs A.

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