Alcohol ink splatter: A Studio L3 Compendium challenge

My card for this week’s Studio L3 Compendium challenge (page 52, Alcohol ink splatter), makes me happy for so many reasons, not the least of which is that it’s among those rare creations that comes very close to my original intention.

The crazy background flows hither and yon with splotches of bright white shining through. It looks to me a lot like stained glass or those faux stained glass made with tissue paper.

My Guy said it reminds him of banners, and I can absolutely see his vision: Two jousters, faces hidden by elaborate helmets, waiting for a fair maiden’s handkerchief to drop while the beats of a dragon’s wings cause flags and banners and skirts to flutter … suddenly, the drumming of horse’s hooves …

You can see the banners, can’t you? I knew you could, you incredibly creative and intuitive people.

Another thing that makes me happy about this piece is that the dragon stamp was one of those *forehead smack* I Have The Power! moments. It all comes down to this: If you own a Cricut, buy some of the Cricut stamp material.

My dragon stamp is cut from the Cricut Pagoda cartridge! No being forced to use something I don’t want to use … I’ll just make the stamp I want! Yay!

OK, so the other supremely cool thing, in my opinion, is the quote stamp “It is not recommended to leave children and hungry dragons alone. -Dragonology”

This stamp is from Firecracker Design by Pamela. Unfortunately, Firecracker is holding a fire sale with better-than-Black-Friday prices because they’re going out of business. Fortunately, they still have a few of their awesome and well-made products (including this dragon quote).

Gosh, how am I going to sleep tonight with all of this excitement? I don’t know.

But you shouldn’t worry about that: You don’t have time to sleep because there’s only five days until the end of the week’s Studio L3 Compendium Challenge!

15 thoughts on “Alcohol ink splatter: A Studio L3 Compendium challenge

  1. This turned out so cool! I love your colors and I have that verse in my stash somewhere too! I have thought about getting the stamp stuff for my cricut but hesitate. Is it easy? Yours turned out great. To answer your question, yes, the flakes are part of the stamp on my snowman.But you knew that already now, didn't you!

  2. Holy Cow! (ok, first words were holy crap!) Your piece is AMAZING! I so agree with the banners! And being a (ahem) dragon slaying role player myself, I am immediatley jumping to Firecracker designs to grab that saying! And do you know if that stamp material can be cut in a big-shot? That would be really great! Oh the possibilities!!

  3. Kim took the words right out of my mouth!!! Holy Cow is right! This is so vibrant and what an amazing background for that very cool Dragon! That sentiment is hysterical and oh so perfect!

    You have such a way with story telling! I call “my guy” over when he is home to read your blog posts! Love this challenge piece!

  4. I also think that your background came out so strongly! its beautifull and there is a lot of movement. And yoyr dragon fits so welle wtih this background! Bravo!

  5. Very cool sample and thanks for accompanying story too. And I did not know that cricut could cut stamps out of the images, gives it a whole new appeal, don't have one, might need one now!

  6. Holy Chinese New Year, Batman, this is SPECTACULAR! You knocked it outta the park, CB– the colors and flame-like patterns are way beyond perfect for the stamps you so cleverly chose, and it's just freaking gorgeous!

    Why yes, I do see the banners, actually, and the rising sun , and…Hey, I just realized that this technique is kind of the Tim Holtz version of a Rorschach test! Tell me, what do you see? I see one heckuva beautiful art piece!

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