CC2C Final challenge: Your favorite for Tim’s birthday

In this, Linda’s final Compendium of Curiosities volume II Challenge, we’ve been asked to use our favorite technique from either of Tim’s compendiums to create a card for The Master whose birthday is tomorrow (Janaury 7).

I’ve been focused lately on wood ATCs, so instead of a card I made a wooden, ATC-sized, Tim-specific magnet!

My favorite technique is Rusted enamel from page 41 of Tim’s first Compendium. I use this technique so often that I’ve several times run out of clear embossing powder (one of the technique’s main “ingredients”).

As usual when talking about a technique from one of Tim’s books, we don’t give too many specifics, but please note that I used distress stain in place of distress ink for step five (because I’m working with wood rather than paper).

Alright, now that I’ve finished sharing the important challenge-related details I can get back to my normal silly, snarky self … with the following story.

I’ve never been a joiner or follower or ever had interest in team-related activities, so around our house I am teased because of how often My Guy has to endure me talking about Tim or Tim’s technique or Tim’s new die or Tim’s some such yadda yadda.

I should have a Tim fish on my car, rather than the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Anyhow, when I finished this piece and demanded (I’m pushy) that My Guy give his usual critique he commented on the interesting color layers resulting from the technique and the stamped navigation sign, but said nothing about the name “Tim.”

Just as I was about to ask My Guy why he hadn’t given me his normal smarty-pants, falsetto exclamation of “Oh Tim!”, he said “I’m surprised you didn’t make a locket so you could keep Tim close your heart.”

Why can’t I ever learn to simply walk away before there’s time for mocking?

8 thoughts on “CC2C Final challenge: Your favorite for Tim’s birthday

  1. Lol! It's like that around here, too, Tracy. Scott has learned, however, not to tease me too much about Tim or I'll spray with with the squirt bottle I use when the cats are being naughty. ;-)

    This wooden ATC is freaking AWESOME, BTW, and Tim (Ha! Said it again!) is going to love it.

    Thanks for playing and for being so awesome.


    P.S. Tim Tim Tim Tim Tim Tim Tim Tim Tim. ;-)

  2. Lol! My DH calls it Tim Holtzitis and just shakes his head every time I squeal over a new product or technique. So feel your pain ;)

    Love the ATC. The rusted enamel is such a great technique and it is awesome you can do it on wood!

  3. Around this neck of the woods he's known as TBH (Tim Bloody Holtz). There's a couple of devotees, but they've learnt to keep quiet when the rest of us are around ;)

    Love the wooden ATCs.

    Happy New Year

  4. My husband says he can't retire until Tim does, so I tell him to enjoy his day! Ha!Ha! This wooden ATC is going to be on a wall or something at Tim's! It is so fabulous! Love that background and you made it into a magnet! This and you so rocks! Hugs!

  5. I love this, and I know Tim will too! My DH has learned to order the last items released around gift time…and I have finally learned NOT to order…I guess this is he way of acceptance! LOL!

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