Multi media collage: A Studio L3 Compendium challenge

Wow, this week’s Studio L3 Compendium challenge is awesome!

I mean, I assume it’s awesome. I didn’t have any of the correct stuff required for the challenge.

So, my creation combines elements including paper from “This Book Will Change Your Life” (it won’t, but it’s somewhat fun anyway), an Altoid mint tin beat up slightly to ensure the embossed text doesn’t show through, three colors of distress inks, a velvet flower brad and an S.E.I. metal leaf.

Oh, and just a wee, little bit of Mod Podge.
Still, the overall idea, more or less, started with the Holtz instructions from page 66 of the Compendium of Curiosities.

Why didn’t I just go to the freakin’ store to purchase the correct stuff? Because we live, more or less, in Uganda. And the nearest craft store is in Canada. And I’m home for the week on vacation, so I couldn’t see driving all the way into town for a bucket of goo and a tin bird.

Plus, Mr. Holtz has received almost every dime of my recent craft budget, which is currently supposed to be zero.

Anyhow, I figured out that when you ink over an image, then brush over this with Mod Podge, your inks blend together nicely.

I think I’m going to go in search of a black and white sunset image to ink and Podge …

Meanwhile, don’t you forget to drop in on Linda and join the challenge!

11 thoughts on “Multi media collage: A Studio L3 Compendium challenge

  1. WOW! What a completely cool altered tin, CB! You put “TBWCYL” to really good use here! I haven't tried Mod Podge-ing on top of inks yet, but you're right– they blended beautifully, and now I need to give that a go, too. Well done!

    I'd forgotten that you'd moved to Africa. ;-)

  2. Wowzers, what an awesome project. Awesome indeed. Loving those colours against the black. Bravo. I live in Canada so you can visit the stores by me–LOL. My daughter leaves for Kenya today. She is running a three week program with 25 people and they will be building schools and helping build a community. How interesting it must be to live in Uganda.

  3. Mod Podge!!! You will have to go read my little story about this challenge. I also did not have “any” of the materials, so made due! Your altered tin is adorable! Love it!

  4. That pattern & the colors you chose are fantastic together. Reminds me of a journey maybe to Africa where you find special things about yourself along the way. I love your art!

  5. This is so cool! How come I didn't think of that?! Great job! I love that you used an altoid tin to cover! The inking on this is awesome as well!

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