Sabbatical complete: Projects from the journey No. 4

Delving further into art styles and mediums that I enjoy working with has led me to create Artist Trading Cards using balsa and pine.

Sometimes I keep these simple, with only a coat of distress stain over a mask and a few letters or a wood die cut for statement.

But when I’m feeling like going crazy with hours of layering and inking and embellishing we begin with one of these wonderful Masonite window panes from AlphaStamps, and end up with a window through time.

I’m also fond of vintage images, usually incorporating something from the Graphics Fairy or from Twisted Papers’ risque collection.

Another common element are aluminum or multiple-paper-layer letters cut from the Alterations Carnivale strip die. As you’ve read here before I’ve discovered in myself a fascination with creepy circus imagery and the Carnivale font fits in perfectly (even when I’m not trying to go all crazy clown cabinet).

Depending on who I’m planning to give the piece to I might also add a hand-cut and -folded stand, a bit of magnet or just nicely finish the back: After all, a wooden ATC with a frame is thick enough to stand on its own.

The only negative thing I’ve found about these little pieces of portable art is that they are so fun and easy and quick to make that I often put one together, wrap it up and ship it off before taking a photo or only remembering at the last moment to click a pic. Which means many of these photos are even more wonky and out-of-focus than my usual half-assed photographs!

Post a comment or drop a line if you’re interested in a more specific explanation of any of these projects, and add a link if you’ve got your own version of a wood ATC to show off!

12 thoughts on “Sabbatical complete: Projects from the journey No. 4

  1. Total gorgeousness here! Each ATC is so unique, but that window one is a real heart stopper! Love them all! Hope you are having a wonderful week! Hugs!

  2. Thank you for the little gift of no WV! Sadly, some of us with old eyes really battle with some of that print. Not sure why they have to make it next to impossible to read, but for you, I do it!

  3. Well Tracy glad I'm not the only one who forgets to take pictures before I mail things off.
    Great Atc's, I really like the one with the bird and clock!
    hugs Lynn

  4. You are not alone in sending things off not photographed. I have just done a swap for 5 christmas tags and in my rush to get them in the post on time forgot the necessary. Darn, botheration and much much more. They were all for a secret swap so don't know who the heck got them. Love your wooden ATC cards.Not tried that but have used the blocks of wood that are 2″ thick to make chunky ATC's. hugs Mrs A.

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