A winged steam chest to hold your heart’s desire

This mini wood chest was first colored with black distress stain that was dry to the touch before bright red acrylic paint was applied.
However the red paint rewetted the black distress stain, mixed and melted, and became a gorgeous finish that mimics mahogany or, when observing from a few inches away, dark oiled leather.

Neat, huh?

Another cool thing that is fun to point out: The key is embedded in a hole I custom cut. So, the key is the drawer pull.

And believe it or not, cutting that perfectly-shaped and sized hole took less time than getting the embossed aluminum wings to stay attached.

As always, tell me what you think of this piece and thank you for dropping by for a visit!

11 thoughts on “A winged steam chest to hold your heart’s desire

  1. The question is did you know that would be the effect the pint wouldhave on the distress ink or was it a happy accident? Either way it looks brilliant as does your very unique drawer pull. hugs Mrs A.

  2. Oh I am going to steal that black stain, red paint from you! Love that look, so fabulously rich! I have an old box of my Dad's that I keep blank tags in and this has inspired me to not be afaid to touch it! Wow, am I glad you came a calling as I so would not have wanted to miss this beauty! Love all the embellishments as well! Very cool it is! Big hugs!

  3. Look at you go with all your treasure boxes! I love them. I have not been able to do to much in the middle of packing moving and unpacking. It sucks!

    Hope to be back in the blogging world soon.

    Great work!
    Where do you get wood ATC's?

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