Paper mache boxes and handmade earrings

Last year I made four sets of simple, beaded earrings for my amazing and fun coworkers.

Rather than wrapping each set or hunting for teeny, tiny gift bags I opted for four paper mache boxes.

Each of these I painted with white distress stain before using distress ink to color the edges and corners. I stamped a sentiment on the sides and a related image on the top of each of the boxes.

Then I punched two holes in the sides of the box lids and wound twine/ribbon through the holes so that each box had a bow, but could be “unwrapped” by just removing the box top.

Finally, a custom cut insert held the earrings for pretty presentation.

Best of all, because I’m like most of you and have on hand oodles of supplies and art stuff, I only needed to purchase a package of bead caps: This entire project cost less than $5!

6 thoughts on “Paper mache boxes and handmade earrings

  1. Love your idea of a lided box. My favourite is the yellow shell with the pink earrings. You have made super prezzies look even more special. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Again with being a clever crafter! The little boxes are such a great way to present those gorgeous earrings! The box alone is an awesome gift in my opinion! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs from very cold CA!

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