Dimensional collage fragments: A Studio L3 Compendium Challenge

Here we are at the second-to-the-last Studio L3 Compendium Challenge and I’m still finding a way to submit my creation at nearly the last minute.

Sort of makes sense, I guess: After all, what kind of challenge would it be if I weren’t sliding through the gap, hands waving, calling out to my Compendium friends “Wait for me! Wait for me!”

It’s especially comical since I finished this piece three days ago. I only forgot to write this post, add the photo and link at Studio L3.

If it weren’t for My Guy asking me something about the piece I made … I probably wouldn’t remember until the middle of next week.

Luckily, My Guy is just nosey enough to be useful so you get to see my fragment plaque!

By the way, this project also brought to my attention another little tool in our house after My Guy quite kindly drilled the two “hanging” holes for me: His drill press.

This means that I’ve decided that the drill press which doesn’t belong to me, sitting next to the miter saw that does belong to me, is probably going to be “allocated” by the CuddlyBunny Craft Machine.

Soon My Guy won’t have to worry about how much space is available in the garage nor how clean it is … because everything out there will be mine.

8 thoughts on “Dimensional collage fragments: A Studio L3 Compendium Challenge

  1. Am I seeing a fragment on top of a fragment and the use of alcoho inks! I do believe that is called a double!!! I for one am happy that the “Guy” was nosey and reminded you of this wonderful collaged fragment. Love those bikes!!! Have a great night!

  2. Hehehe…sneaky little 'bunny! He may be too observant for you to get away with “allocating” his tools, tho' – I mean, he did ask about your artwork and in my book that's pretty observant. Speaking of that…Wow! Very cool piece! I love the way you stacked the 2 fragments! And Terry's right, that bike stamp is super neat!! :)

  3. hahahahahah I'm with you Tracy, Hubby's tools arent safe anymore! Glad he reminded you of the challenge. What a guy!!!! Your double fragment is super cool. I too Love the bike!
    Hugs Lynn

  4. Love how you have layered up these two 'fragments' fab wall hanging. Think your Guy is very good to you but thats what a partnership is I'm told he shares everything with you LOL XOXO Zoe Heres to falling through the cracks

  5. Spectacular! Love the double take. Yeah, I just quietly take tools and keep them in my office, until he asks…”have you seen…?” Nope!

  6. That's so funny that you keep stealing his tools! Your hanging is gorgeous. Glad your husband is nosy so that we could see it :)

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