Altered metal alcohol inks: A Studio L3 Compendium Challenge

Had I never learned anything at all from the Compendium except Mr. Holtz’s alcohol ink-colored metals technique I still would have been giddy with excitement!

And so my brain went to work on possibilities when our Lovely Linda at Studio L3 announced this technique, found on page 56 of The Book, as the week’s challenge.

Metal bits of various sizes and shapes passed through my mind, birds and book plates, tokens, foliage and sprockets: Alas, though the technique is a favorite, I found no inspiration for a project.

Luckily roof flashing warbled in the background, louder and louder until I finally gave in and ran a chunk through the Cuttlebug atop a Sizzix Alterations Tattered Florals die.

This essentially embossed the metal: I was able to remove the flower shapes, but they didn’t separate instantly as paper die cuts.

Then, as so often happens because it annoys the crap out of me: My Guy offered an ingenious suggestion. Cut apart a soda can for a thinner, more pliable metal (could you hear me slapping my forehead?).

Tada! Instant metal flowers!

Of course, the most exciting part is that while a standard soda can results in a bit of metal that isn’t quite big enough to cut all four Florals flowers … surely you know what’s coming next … a Guinness can fits nearly perfectly!

Is there any problem that Guinness can not solve? I think not.

So, we’ve got here a part roof flashing, part soda can flower with multiple alcohol ink colors. A hitch holds it all together, with a magnet glued onto the back and a memo pin to carry a message for the recipient.

I intend to spend all day tomorrow making more and more and more of these in different styles, so I hope all of my friends like them (everyone will be forced to take one or two because what the hell would I do with a bunch of these … my fridge is already covered in magnetic art).

Anyhow, while I’m busy hacking up Guinness cans, run off to your own craft space and create a piece for Linda’s Compendium Challenge! You’ve got until 8 p.m. Sunday, February 27 (Mountain time)!

15 thoughts on “Altered metal alcohol inks: A Studio L3 Compendium Challenge

  1. Now don't you have to down the Guinness first to collect their metal counter parts? Did I hear you just stub your toe! He!He! Your flower is awesome! Can't even imagine coming up with the roof flashing idea! You are brillian! I need to work on mine and quickly! My Sis is coming tomorrow for the weekend! Have fun!

  2. LOL!!! I just bet you had to make more and more!!! Wanting to drink all your Guiness had nothing to do with it….Riiiiiiiight. Seriously, I am sooo in love with this flower!!!! If I had a cuttlebug I'd be copying you in a heartbeat! Well, except for the guiness part. I like light beer. Can we still be friends?

  3. Well, whatever was in those cans before you gave them the TH treatment, the result is stunning. Love your fab vibrant flower and the sentiment you added. xx

  4. Do you need help emptying more Guinness cans? lol! I've never had it, so I don't know what it tastes like, but I suppose after the first couple, it wouldn't matter…this is fabulous, I love the colors, isn't metal cool?

  5. Are you still sober after all that and will you be sober tomorrow. If your not drinkijg it you'll be sniffing it. Can I come round to play!!

  6. “A Guinness a day” as they say…Bummer I just returned a bunch for recycling. Ah well, time for a refill!Your flower is very cool!

  7. Perfect flowers. I totally forgot I could use metal with my sizzix! I am so glad I happened upon your post. The colors you used are gorgeous.

  8. Aren't Alcohol Inks one of the coolest creations EVER?? You soda can flowers are ingenious and gorgeous, and make me want to go dig through the recycling bin right now, even though it's like nine degrees outside.

    I think you've hit on a universal truth: Guinness cans are the duct tape of the beverage can world.

    By the way, there's a bistro here in town that serves Guinness ice cream floats. I realize it's way too wintery to think along those lines right now, but truly, it's never too early to start stocking up for summer.

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