CC2C No 15: Enameled metals

Challenge: The StudioL3 Compendium of Curiosities volume II Challenge, technique 15

Technique: Enameled metals, page 56

Main products used for this project: Metal foil tape, tea dye distress ink, red pepper acrylic paint dabber, dot matrix embossing folder and various fiber stuff.

Project observations: Have I previously explained that my introduction to Tim Holtz was through Linda’s StudioL3 Compendium challenges?

Yessire, I knew nothing of Tim Holtz or idea-ology or grungy goodness before I created this piece, for Linda’s first Compendium challenge.

Back then I owned three distress ink colors, one applicator tool and a package of polka-dotty grunge board that I found at a discount store.

Now I have … well, let it suffice by saying that My Guy, for my recent birthday, build a storage system into my craft room to hold many of the Tim Holtz inks and tools and bits that I’ve acquired since June 2010.

The point of yammering about all of this stuff, which honestly I’ve mostly come into ownership of through the kindness and sharing of others and my Fairy Godsister, is to say that although I could barely keep up with the first set of Compendium challenges, today’s second Compendium challenge piece was finished months ago.

You see the minute I received Tim’s new Compendium I sat down with it and read the entire book, then flipped back to page 56 because I had to try this technique Right This Very Minute (for the first Compendium challenges … I got the book the same week as the first challenge).

So, I’m not some sort of Super Artist who creates glossy accent filled memory pins and enameled metal ATCs in a matter of minutes.

I’m only a very impatient artist who finds herself endlessly intrigued and inspired by Linda and Tim!

Flip open your Compendium and go here to show us where inspiration leads you!

15 thoughts on “CC2C No 15: Enameled metals

  1. Thats one book I still need to acquire. Love this piece. The colours look ok to me. My camera has a problem with mauve and purple which comes out a discusting bright blue. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Girl Friend, you are getting way quick, even with prior completion! OK, I finished most of mine yesterday, but won't post until Wednesday! Back to you cutie! I love your enameled background and that pin is awesome as heck! What a brilliant idea to add that “made for this piece” trim! This is a rockin creation! Hope you are enjoying the weekend! Oh don't wee all need extra storage! I can't believe what has happened!

  3. Oh about the WV! It sucks for me as I sometimes have to do it three times or better. Some of it can be so scrambled that I just can't get through it. I have never used it, but will not accept annonymous comments. Once I changed that, I never had a problem with spam, except a couple. I have had a couple of freaks follow and then blocked them once I realized they weren't one of us! For you, I will struggle with WV!

  4. And here I thought your new nick name was Speedy Gonzolis! LOl
    Awesome Tracy, Would be hard not to jump right in and do them all!
    Nice of your DH to build you a Tim cabinet! He's a keeper!
    hugs Lynn

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